Mogulus Goes Generic: Now Called LiveStream

If you want to convey that you’re a generic vendor of live-streaming services, then sure, why not change your name to LiveStream? Just forgive us if, having known your company for two years with the quirky if ambiguously pronounced name Mogulus, we have a little trouble reconciling something so plain.

Anyways, LiveStream, as Mogulus now wants to be known, is refreshing its free service to be more simple and accessible, and letting it be known that it’s signed up more than 1,000 pro accounts — which start at $350 per month and include features such as monetization, analytics and HD — since launching in December. The company has 250,000 total producer accounts.

“We’ve been viewed as a bit too complicated,” LiveStream CEO Max Haot told us Monday. “Now you can sign up and go live in a single click.”

But more than competitive positioning, LiveStream plans to succeed by simply building a more stable business than other live streamers like Ustream and The company has adopted aggressive copyright policies, said Haot, including immediate takedowns of copyrighted streams for rights holders like the NBA, and limiting accounts to 50 concurrent viewers until they have been verified. That’s allowed it to secure enough advertising from Google (s goog) and ScanScout to cover the cost of bandwidth for the free service. The paid service is already profitable. And the company has some cash on reserve from its $12.7 million in funding from Gannett and angel investors.

It’s quite possible that the live-streaming market will become a lot bigger than it is today, and nobody will remember the days of trying to remember just how to say “Mogulus” (maw-gyew-lus? mo-guh-lus?). And hey, nobody had been using the URL for a while now. But if this doesn’t pan out, I’m going to blame the company’s failure on a rebranding that is just so tragically boring.