Forget Cupcake- Android “Rosie” Video Appears


We T-Mobile G1 owners are getting tired of patiently waiting for our Android 1.5 update, known as Cupcake in Android land. If a new video of a future version of Android, Rosie, is real, then we don’t want Cupcake. Rosie looks really sweet, given the fluid nature of the user interaction and the prevalence of widgets. Take a look and see if you, too, would gladly bypass Cupcake for a little Rosie on your Android phone.



I swear, I must be the only one that watched that Android video and think it looks like an absolute mess?

I’ve also played around with Android on my Nokia n800 and quite frankly, the only things it had going for it were Google and the open-source OS. This gives more eye-candy, but it looks like too much going on at once with the widget homescreen, and doesn’t have the simplicity that Apple has, or that the Pre appears to have. It beats WM, but that’s not saying much.


wow. nice. but isn’t that like at least 6 months to a year ahead still?

And now … please get Android to Canada ;)

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