Eye-Fi Explore Video: Photo and Video Uploads With No Cables

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Last year, I wrote about the Eye-Fi card,  which has gone on to win numerous technology awards. It’s an SD card that has Wi-Fi integrated, so that you can wirelessly send photos you take directly to your PC or Mac, and they’re even automatically saved to a folder that you pre-define. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and it’s a great hassle-saver for all the types of work that I do with photos online. Recently, I upgraded to a better version of the card, the Eye-Fi Explore Video. In addition to wirelessly uploading photos in a completely hassle-free way, it does wireless video uploads to a PC or Mac, and geotags photos, showing where they were taken. Here are more details on why this is an essential card to have if you work with photos and videos.

The Eye-Fi cards have become very popular, and although the Eye-Fi site shows a list price of $99.99 for the Eye-Fi Explore Video card, you can find it online for under $90. The integrated Wi-Fi on the card allows you to wirelessly send your photos and videos to Macs or PCs, but you can also now use the card with thousands of hotspots, for uploading pictures to photo sites, blogs, web pages and more when you’re on the go.

The new geotagging that Eye-Fi Explore does is achieved through GPS and other technologies, and the geotags are a reasonably accurate way to keep track of where you took photos, although not perfect in every case. You can use Eye-Fi Explore with most digital cameras; there is a compatibility list here.

The original Eye-Fi card was a great find for me. With the additions of video uploading, geotagging and hotspot compatibility, Eye-Fi Explore Video is even more useful.

Have you used the Eye-Fi Explore Video?

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I’ve got an Eye-Fi and I love it. Great service too. I recently had an issue with my card, and they were really easy to get in touch with to get it taken care of.

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