Apple Begins Stress Testing Push Notification Servers

APnewsYesterday, people registered as paid iPhone developers received an email alerting them to the availability of a new version of the Associated Press News app via a temporary, exclusive code. The purpose of the app is to test high-volume live push notification and its effect on Apple’s servers before the function goes out live to all iPhone users in June at WWDC.

The app, which expires in seven days, appears to only be available through the U.S. iTunes store, which doesn’t seem to have stopped Apple from sending out emails to all developers, regardless of their country of residence. The email specifies that devs should choose U.S. English as the app’s default language at first run, which suggests that they are fully aware that people already have or are able to create U.S. store accounts without actually being residents.

A forum thread on MacRumors details some developers’ progress so far with the test app, which is varied. Some, like Ben Dodson, have successfully received push notifications from the app (check out a lengthy post on his blog for details and screenshots). Others have yet to receive any notifications at all, myself included. A cursory survey of those who’ve also been unable to receive any push updates from AP finds that most, if not all, are located outside of the U.S., but I don’t have nearly enough information to cite that as the definite cause.

Chime in and let us know your experience if you’re also helping Apple test the app.


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