Android MID Coming June 11?



It has been no secret that companies are moving forward with Android (s GOOG) device development at a rapid pace. Phones are being announced all over the place, and speculation has been rampant that netbooks running Android are just a matter of time. The folks at ARCHOS, makers of high-end portable media players, are throwing a press event on June 11 that has some thinking we may see the first Android Mobile Internet Device (MID), possibly with telephony.

ARCHOS has been known to be working on an Internet tablet since TI (s TI) spilled the beans awhile back. This latest press event that ARCHOS is hosting smacks of Android, and rumor has it that this Internet tablet will be an Android MID. The spilled specs are the same we heard back in February: a 5-inch screen, TV recording, Flash support, HD playback and 500 GB of storage. This could be a sweet little Android if it pans out.

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^^^ to the prev poster … Android on netbooks will not happen and I hope not be mistaken (sorry if I do) but James already acknowledged that in recent posts.

On the other hand this MID thing is the future. Android can win on this MID domain better than on handsets.
When James bought the V5 it made no sense to try Android but with its telephony stack and MID sized apps orientation, it could be exactly what we need for a unified combined device.


You foresaw a small device, possibly a netbook, with Android some months ago.
As it appears to be coming to fruition, how do you feel now?


I think a lot of people were, and still are, predicting various small android devices–including Google itself.


My Archos 605 WIFI 160 GB has really good Video resolution. Makes my train trips nice watching videos on the go.

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