Sprint Confident That Palm Pre Will Be A ‘Blockbuster’


image Is it possible for a cellphone to have even higher expectations pinned on it than the iPhone? The Nytimes.com reports that Sprint (NYSE: S), perhaps understandably, given its struggles in the last few years, has



I have service with both Sprint and AT&T and must say that Sprint has the worst customer service and coverage. If their plan wasn't so dirt cheap, I would've cancelled a long time ago. But after 2 full years with sprint and arguing with multiple customer service reps from overseas, I am completely fed up and cancelled. So even with a great phone like the Pre, I still will never go back.


299 with a 100 MIR? That's ridiculous. Especially with the new iphone just days away.


I have been a faithful Blackberry enthusiast for the past few years. Before that I experienced the convenience of the Treos and loved the touch screen and browser. I tested the iPhone and though it has a fantastic web browser and apps, it will not do for me – I need the keyboard for heavy business emailing and texting – it is all about play; I tried the HTC Touch pro and returned it the very next day – too complicated and felt like a brick. I am not totally happy with the Blackberry because I hate the browser and it has no touch screen. It is all about work; but when it comes to a choice between work and play – I had no choice but to choose work. Now I finally have the opportunity to have a phone that has got the combination of work and play, and much more. I do not care if I have to camp out at Best Buy, but I am getting this phone on June 6 come rain or shine!!!!


How can you say that the Pre is "anywhere near the iPhone … simply because the device is nowhere near an iPhone"? I bet you had never touched the device itself so how can you judge. Those that have had their hands on the Pre rave about it and hope it can perform the same once launched. I am betting that the device is superior to the iPhone and I concede that the iPhone store for apps is without match at this point BUT … how many garbage and wasteful apps do you really need? There are thousands of apps for the iPhone and I bet very few people get to use whatever they buy. I have several in my current phone and I use probably 20 of them regularly. The others are almost ignored. Give me some solid apps and I will not miss the fill ins that are unproductive. Just my 2 cents.


Dream on…

It is precisely the devices team at Sprint that is largely responsible for many of the carrier's woes. How is it possible that even Alltel got the Razr before they did?

I can tell right now it will NOT be a success anywhere near the iPhone…simply because the device is nowhere near an iPhone.

State the Obvious

Note to Sprint –

It's not about the phone. It's about the network and the apps

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