SpiralFrog’s Back, Though Only As a Domain Redirect


imageSpiralFrog, the doomed online ad-supported music service that ate up $34 million or more during its short lifetime and finally croaked, is back — sort of. The domain name SpiralFrog.com has been bought by MyMojo, an online site offering free music, ringtones and other downloads for mobile phones. The company was founded by John Ferber, one of the co-founders of Advertising.com, which AOL (NYSE: TWX) bought back in 2004…his brother Scott Ferber, also one of the co-founders of Ad.com, is now involved heavily with online video startup TidalTV, which is not without some controversy.

MyMojo is out there to save the digital-media industry, and more specifically, the digital-music industry. No, really. Consider this gem in the release: “For most consumers, the perceived value of being able to download digital content for free in an ad-supported environment is far greater than the cost incurred to purchase individual tracks…Amidst limitless demand for pirated music, rapid declines in CD sales, and compressed revenue figures, Ferber may bring just the right mojo to restore healthy bottom lines to music industry corporations.” No way…really? Except the grab-bag of free content on MyMojo is, well, not exactly premium stuff. And the site serves mainly as a lead gen to sell ringtones, and directs to Ringtones.net, the site owned by “spam king” Scott Richter.


another user

Yes, same here on the spam. I also registered with a unique address at my domain and it also started getting spam recently.

some user

Yes, I registered there as well with an unique eMail-address and for a while now, I get a LOT of spam to that address! Thats, how some people handle others "private" information….


SpiralFrog is back in another way as well. Seems that their email address list was either hacked or sold off to spammers.

I had registered for the service with a unique email. Once the site shut down, I started to get spam sent to that email address. Still getting quite a bit. Bummer for anyone who gave them their real email address.

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