Orange Says ‘Non!’ To Project Kangaroo’s IPTV Remains


image Last month, Orange announced it was considering bidding for some of the technology infrastructure left over from the failed BBCWW/C4/ITV (LSE: ITV) web TV JV. But today, its parent company France Telecom (NYSE: FTE) says it has kicked the idea in touch, meaning that so far no one has seen any benefit from the £20 million project. FT says in a statement: “After in-depth due diligence, we concluded that it was unlikely that an outcome which benefited France Telecom’s Orange operations would be met.”

The company had said the Kangaroo’s technology could help in “developing more quickly Orange TV projects in France”, but Orange already is one of the world’s leading IPTV companies with around 2.2 million customers in France alone (compare that with BT Visions’s 423,000 ), and it seems to have decided that a multimillion-pound investment in technology similar to its own was one it could do without. The company declined to answer our questions on whether price was a barrier to a deal and what exactly Orange was considering salvaging from the Kangaroo wreckage — but reports that the tech on offer was the already-developed Kangaroo user interface.

Meanwhile, there’s still no sign of Orange’s IPTV service. which was put on ice last November by UK CEO Tom Alexander. The company has since said it is conducting market research on a possible entry into the UK IPTV market, but there’s no evidence of any real renewed activity beyond that.

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