Icelandic Games Developer Predicts $55 Million Revenues From Eve Online

imageWhile the publishing industry agonises over whether consumers will pay for its online content, the games biz has no such worries. Activision (NSDQ: ATVI) Blizzard’s all-conquering, bandwidth-hogging MMO game World of Warcraft has 11 million paid-up subscribers, making it $1.34 billion (£874 million) last year. Now futuristic MMO game Eve Online, from Icelandic publisher CCP Games, has taken the second-place MMO spot behind WOW with 300,000 subscribers paying $15 (£9.79) a month, as reports.

According to one estimate, video game sales in the UK alone rose to more than £4.6 billion last year despite the downturn, and CPP are certainly grabbing a slice of that pie: last year the company’s revenues jumped by a quarter to $46.5 million (£30.35 million) last year, and it expects growth to continue this year and make $55 million (£35.9 million) in 2009. It’s even hiring an extra 100 staff to its current workforce of 400 in the US and Europe. More after the jump…

CCP is one of Europe’s fastest-growing digital companies, so how about cashing in by going public or a big money buy-out to match Vivendi’s profitable marriage of Blizzard Activision with its own games division? CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson says (via that despite several approaches, “We are profitable and we see value in being independent…There is a lot of innovation that has yet to take place in this space.”

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