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Work From Home: Field Apple Tech Support Calls

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If you happen to be looking for work at the moment, Apple (s aapl) has a pretty nice offer. You can have all the glory of being an Apple employee without leaving the comfort of your own home. Actually, that’s probably not so tempting, since part of the appeal of working for Apple is being able to get a peak behind the veil, and maybe sneak into Johnny Ive’s design studio after-hours. Also, you need to have the patience and know-how to deal with hundreds of calls from irate recent switchers who don’t have the first clue about OS X.

Recent job postings, which can be seen at MySpace Jobs and (s mww), among other places, call for “At Home” tech support staff. Cult of Mac puts the total number of hires Apple is looking to make at 450, according to a document they claim to have seen. The postings specify at least six different cities in the U.S., though employees will indeed work from home, instead of from a traditional call center.

This sort of decentralized approach is gaining a lot of steam in the tech industry, because it saves on overhead and allows companies to recruit the most qualified individuals without worrying about geographic restrictions or relocation issues. Apple wouldn’t be the first to try this approach, and some companies, like Sears (s scc), use it for all of their customer service staffing.

Response to the job ads must’ve been considerable; the postings are no longer live (here’s a cached version of one) either on Apple’s site or on any of the career sites. Considering the timing, this hire could be an effort on Apple’s part to anticipate a spike in demand for customer support services following the rumored launch of new iPhone hardware in June at WWDC. Keep your eyes peeled, because if this works out, Apple might continue to build its help desk infrastructure along these lines, which means a future of eating Cheetos in your underwear while drawing a paycheck from your favorite tech company could be just around the corner.

20 Responses to “Work From Home: Field Apple Tech Support Calls”

  1. Charla Cooper

    I am a single mother of two that is looking for a legit work at home job with a mac. If anyone could provide info that would be great!

  2. Sandra

    I’m an unemployed single mother of two. If anyone can provide information legit work from home jobs that would be great! I only have a mac and the two companies I know of require a PC.

  3. As someone who works from home in the Tech Support area, not for Apple mind you, It’s not as glorious as it sounds. My company only posts schedules a week in advance and it’s based on seniority. Everyone bids on days/hours. So someone just coming in gets screwed. Also, the training periods are usually two-three months and then another month or so when you start getting your own calls before you’re completely set free without real supervision. I’ve done it twice now, different companies but they followed this same route for the most part. So expect it lay out like this, but if you hate driving and/or want to save gas, It’s not so bad. You’ll get a better understanding of people in the process.

  4. In the UK, a study sponsored by communications company BT at the end of 2007 estimated that over 60% of all new businesses are started from home. (Home Business Report, Enterprise Nation for BT, October 2007) In August 2008, a Daily Telegraph survey, sponsored by communications company O2, of 500 small UK firms reported that 10% had chosen not to renew leases this year intending to work from home instead.

    eWork at Home

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  6. Work from any location via PC/Phone

    Apple called me a few months ago to work in the engineering test dept. for the iPhone.

    I have been in the R/D computer and cell phone and communications industry for years now.

    I would love to work for apple on the iPhone or Mac Pro groups, but could not relocate. They mentioned there was one that if the manager agreed I could do from home. However, I did not hear back.

    It seems that working from home is getting to be more popular option for employers.

    It seems that phone tech support seems to be the most growing at the moment. This would be a viable option for me and I am looking into doing this, since I have a son and need to take him to school and back.

    However, I do know of a few home Lab and test gigs that have been done. I have tried to purpose to employers, but have not yet had any success.

  7. Timely article, and great comments too.

    There is a lot more homeshoring – moving call center and support staff from central locations (even overseas) to home based operations.

    It is appealing, but working from home – especially as a call center or support agent, may not be for everyone.

    Good organization and self motivation are key.

    This will only grow as a business model, which is great news for people who want to work from home.

  8. Well, I think Apple is a step behind companies and, both offer online tech support, fixya has a large free section and there’s no “Please hold the lines…”

    Have a good one,

  9. Apple has been hiring at-home workers for a long time now, a little for tech support, but mostly for customer service/sales, basically fielding the 1-800-My-Apple calls. I worked for them for quite a while, but it was not the best job. It did leave me with some interesting stories and also a good understanding of why most of the reps cannot even answer a simple question about a Mac, iPod or iPhone. I would say that as an Apple person, it just left me with a less than good outlook.