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What’s Cookin’ on TV? Audience Participation

Please pardon the self-indulgence, but I made a kick-(expletive) chocolate cake (from scratch) this weekend. So after that successful initial foray, I’m into all things cooking, which is why this announcement about Fox’s upcoming show Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking Along Live caught my eye.

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a newteevee-type show. The only hook is that the show lets you know ahead of time what ingredients you need to have and then you can cook along with the show. It’s such a simple idea that one wonders why it wasn’t done before (maybe it has been, please illuminate me in the comments!). Thanks to the web, this type of of participatory programming is more possible than ever.

It’s not a stretch to imagine taking this a step further and incorporating live tweets and Facebook messages. Ask questions while the food is being prepared, share comments (or alternative ingredient suggestions) with your friends, or submit a photo or video of your finished food to be aired on TV.

These type of interactions get us all fired up here at NewTeeVee and evidently at the networks as well. Jimmy Fallon’s team has gone to great lengths to incorporate the web into its late-night talk show, and Aisha Tyler is putting together a new talk show that will be fully “wired” with viewers able to communicate with Tyler via Facebook, Twitter and other means.

P.S. Here’s the recipe to that awesome chocolate cake (it uses maple syrup instead of granulated sugar).

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  2. We always liked the show called “ALF” amd wish they would bring that back. Have there been any shows about mobbing and gangstalking?