Poor Wi-Fi Reception? Blame Baby Monitors

2735119115_23c1eb3043It’s time to stop blaming your Wi-Fi connection problems on “congestion.”  Research by UK wireless regulator Ofcom reveals that after eliminating non-wireless issues, like device configuration errors and Internet connection problems, the root cause of most people’s Wi-Fi connection woes is interference. This interference comes from other devices using the same 2.4GHz spectrum used by 802.11b/g, including baby monitors.

Many people believe that Wi-Fi problems in densely populated urban areas are due to congestion — that there is simply too much data to push through the available channels, and that their neighbors are using all of the available bandwidth. However, the Ofcom research says this isn’t the case, and the more likely culprit will be interference in the 2.4GHz spectrum. It states, “It only requires a single device, such as a video sender, to severely affect Wi-Fi services within a short range, such that a single large building or cluster of houses can experience difficulties with using a single Wi-Fi channel.”

So before you start blaming congestion, check your house for likely sources of interference, and try switching channels. The Ofcom report names as likely culprits:

  • Baby monitors
  • AV senders
  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless security cameras

Other devices that might interfere in this spectrum include cordless phones, fluorescent lights and Bluetooth devices. Unfortunately, if the source of interference is in a neighbor’s apartment, it will be much harder to eliminate.

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(Via Ars Technica)

Image by Flickr user dwaynehoov