Palm Pre Release Date- First Week of June?


palm-preWell, we’re likely to find this out for sure tomorrow, but today’s New York Times offers a tasty tidbit on just when Palm’s (s PALM) Pre will hit the streets. Here’s the direct quote:

..the season’s most compelling phone drama will start the first week in June, when Sprint will begin selling the Palm Pre, people briefed on the company’s plans said.

As I said, we should know more tomorrow. Why is that? May 19 is the expected date for a release announcement in The Wall Street Journal. In fact, Peter Rojas might have said it best in this tweet:

I would not be at all surprised to see Walt Mossberg’s review of the Palm Pre go up tomorrow.

That makes total sense to me as the newest product reviews for hot gadgets are often found authored by Mossberg at the Journal, David Pogue from the Times, and Edward Baig from USA Today. Perhaps the latter two don’t get a “pre”-view of the new handset this time around? If not, then it makes even more sense for the Times to try to out-scoop the Journal today. Either way, if the source is accurate, we should be getting our hands on the Pre in about two weeks. Hey, that’s when the Nokia N97 is rumored to hit North America, too…It’s like a giant puzzle with all of the pieces falling into place, isn’t it?

At this point, I’ve physically seen and/or touched the Pre on three separate occasions. And I’ve walked away impressed each and every time. Unless there’s some type of show-stopper issue I hear about, I’m quite certain to have a new Sprint (s S) account next month. Now the question is: Is the MiFi appealing enough to get at the same time with the $149.99 Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband bundle? If I go that route, I may have to dump my plans to upgrade a first-gen Apple (s AAPL) iPhone to the next iPhone. There’s only so much budget for these expensive contracts — glad I didn’t spend a ton of cash on iPhone apps!



I’m excited about the Pre too! I think you should go with the combined simply everything and mobile broadband card plan, it’s such a good deal! I would get the new card thats a dual 3G/4G card. Not sure what city you’re located in, but if it’s a major city 4G should be coming sometime this year. So with the dual mode card you get the best of both worlds and are ready for 4G when it comes. I’ll be checking your blog to see the latest updates and when you get the phone!


I’m with you on the announce tomorrow and release early June. It’s totally believable that Sprint/Palm wanted to steal some thunder from the iPhone launch with a Palm Pre announcement.

I’m usually iffy on Mossberg’s review but here’s hoping that he gives a favorable one.

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