Nokia N97 Arriving on June 2nd?


Nokia_N97_white_13a_lowresThe Nokia Blog isn’t an official site of the handset maker, so consider this news to be unofficial. However, their claim that the Nokia N97 handset hits North America on June 2nd isn’t completely in left field, for a few reasons.

The über-phone was announced last year and we’ve already seen pre-orders with expected June fulfillment dates. Add in the fact that we know Palm (s PALM) is planning to launch the Pre at some time prior to the end of June. Oh and there’s still the likelihood of an Apple (s AAPL) iPhone refresh announcement (or launch, for that matter) in mid-June. If I were launching a flagship phone that I announced last year, I know I’d want to get it out the door prior to my competitors doing the same.

The N97 offers the best of both worlds with a large, 3.5-inch touchscreen as well as a full slide-out QWERTY keypad. With support for up to 48GB of storage capacity, a 5-megapixel camera paired with Carl Zeiss optics and an emphasis on social-location features, Nokia is targeting this as a mobile computer, not a phone. But solid hardware specs alone don’t turn a device into a winner. With an expected price tag north of $600, the N97 will have to offer a positive user experience. That holds true whenever it arrives.



“I received a pre-release Nokia N97 from Nokia SA yesterday to take a look at and test for a couple weeks. The version I received is not the same version that will be shipped but it is probably pretty close. In a sense this is a release candidate so there is still a chance the software may be a little buggy and the phone isn’t really supported by 3rd party providers. I’ve noticed a couple quirks which will probably be resolved by the time the phones ship (I understand that the devices will start shipping internationally in a matter of weeks although Nokia can’t confirm any details at this point).” share your views with me at it’s a site for N97 users. see ya

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