Labels Arrive for Gmail Mobile on iPhone, Android

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gmail-labelsCall it cosmic balance — earlier today I was griping about Google Tasks on mobile devices, and now I’m happy to see labels come to Gmail Mobile. The new function is only supported on Apple’s iPhone (s AAPL) and Google’s (s GOOG) own Android handsets. The recent addition of the new drop-down menu system to the Google web-based mobile client has clearly set the stage for desktop-like functionality, something mobile device owners will appreciate.

To use the new feature, simply open any email and then tap the More button for menu options. You’ll see the new “Label as…” option, and if you press it, you’ll see a list of your Gmail labels like I’ve shown. Select one label, or as many as you’d like, and then click the Apply button to tag the email message with the appropriate label(s).

1 Comment

Ben Smith

I found this over the weekend while working on my work email via the browser on my Android (I use my personal account as the phone’s native account.) It made Monday morning a lot easier since I don’t move emails out of the inbox without a label and now I can read, label, and archive right from the browser on my G1!

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