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Apple Ad Dominates New York Times Home Page, Yet Again

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Regardless of your opinion of Apple’s (s aapl) products, no one can deny that it has some impressive chops when it comes to the advertising game. Music and apps used in its iPod and iPhone commercials often become runaway successes thanks to the exposure, and its brand identity is one of the strongest of any company in any industry.

The “Get a Mac” series of ads, which appear both on TV and in special banner ads on some high-traffic web sites, perhaps best represent Apple’s advertising prowess. A new ad in the series appearing on The New York Times (s nyt) web site today definitely impresses.

The ad spotlights a recent customer service satisfaction survey by Forrester Research which saw Apple’s approval rating greatly outpace those of its various PC competitors. While Apple doesn’t name names in its ad, you can check out the report in detail over at the Fortune blog.

Despite beating its nearest PC competitor by a margin of 14 percentage points, Apple’s 80 percent still only really qualifies as a “good” rating, whereas players in other industries scored in the “excellent” range, Fortune points out.

Regardless of whether Apple could have done better or not, the score differential definitely looks impressive splayed across the NYT site’s header. The ad also makes clever use of the unique abilities of web advertising by introducing surprise commentary from a third party in the left-hand column, which is masquerading as a completely different ad for an unrelated company. I saw a lot of buzz on Twitter this a.m. about how Apple is reinvigorating the stagnant advertising industry, and I’m inclined to agree.

If you don’t feel like clicking through to the Times’ home page, check out the YouTube screen cap below to see the ad in its entirety.

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