Anagram for BlackBerry- Free Utility for Maximum Productivity

Anagram is one of those useful utilities that has been around for a long time. The desktop version allows you to easily capture contact or appointment information from any source, such as email, and then shoot it to the appropriate destination. Get an email with someone’s address in it and you can highlight it and send it to Anagram, which will then create a contact entry in Outlook or Gmail. The strength of Anagram is how it can intelligently determine what a particular piece of information really is and then take the appropriate action.

I was pretty excited to hear that Anagram is now available for the BlackBerry — and best of all, the program is free. You can create new contact entries and new appointments right from the BlackBerry email using Anagram with very little effort. It’s a great program that everyone should at least take a look at.

Anagram BlackBerry


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