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All Things Digital’s New App Puts Tech News On Your iPhone

allthingsdIf you’re a fan of the popular technology news and commentary web site All Things Digital (and you should be), then you’ll be glad to know there’s a new app available from the App Store today that optimizes the site for your iPhone. Use it to access the site’s daily columns, blog posts, or videos on the fly, and stay informed of breaking tech news 24/7.

The new app sports a set of cool tools that let users post their favorite stories directly to Twitter and easily share them on Facebook. It even accesses your contacts so you can quickly email blog posts you like to others right from the address book.

The first time you download the app, it takes a couple of minutes to pull in a backlog of previous posts and stories. The next time you fire it up, however, things will go much more quickly because it only searches the web site for updates since you last logged on.


The app’s default menu bar includes direct links to individual columns written by the site’s co-editors, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, as well as a link to a compilation of posts written by Peter Kafka and John Paczkowski. If the default icons don’t cut it for you, changing them is a simple drag-and-drop affair from the customization menu. The “More” icon takes you directly to a well-organized list of everything else the site has to offer, including reader questions, interesting links to other tech web sites, and past conference photos and video.

All Things Digital ought to be at the top of your RSS feed, and among the first places you look for insight on tech news and analysis. Now, with the site’s new app, all of that tech goodness is right at your fingertips.