Memo To Networks Re Hulu: You’re Making A Big Mistake

Kevin Wassong is the president of Minyanville Media Inc., a digital network that creates branded content about the world of finance. Prior to joining Minyanville, he built one of the first “new-media” advertising agencies, [email protected], within J. Walter Thompson, and before that was assistant to the chairman of Creative Artists Agency as well as a development executive with network TV shows including Golden Girls and Empty Nest.

This is the most transformational period in the history of media. It is the true conversion from analog to digital and from individual channels to a converged media landscape. Oftentimes, I live in the past as my proxy for the future. For those who remember PointCast, BMW films or the launch of Instant Messenger, you can hopefully relate.

Looking to the past, the year was 1994, when I first truly fell in love