Fliggo’s TwitVid.io Tries To Marry Twitter With Video


imageNow that it’s so easy for people to Tweet what they’re eating for lunch, what’s the next step? Tweeting a video of them actually eating the lunch, of course. Fliggo, the platform that allows people to create websites, launched TwitVid.io over the weekend. TwitVid.io lets Twitter users attach videos to their tweets and blast them to their followers in real-time. We first heard about the launch from the blog Venture Hacks, which says it is an investor in Twitter.

Like Twitter itself, Twitvid.io appears to be fairly straightforward. Users type their Tweets into a section of the twitvid.io site, upload a video, then send it out to their Twitter followers. Currently the service can only be used from a desktop computer, but a message on the site says that a mobile option will be coming soon. A perusal of the site Monday morning shows that it’s slowly building an audience since the news over the weekend, with about 100 or so messages being shared.

A similar service called Bubble Tweet was introduced recently, but it limits video to a 30-second clip that plays on a corner of the page and requires various steps (like copying and pasting links into your browser) to get there. (TwitVid.io doesn’t place any limits on the length of the videos.)

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