Andy Samberg Sticks to YouTube to Promote the MTV Movie Awards

Does Andy Samberg now make it a condition of any new role that he be allowed to distribute clips of it on YouTube? That’s the only explanation I can think of for why MTV is allowing him, along with collaborators Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, to post promos for his upcoming gig hosting the MTV Movie Awards via TheLonelyIsland’s account, given their traditional reliance on a proprietary player. (Of course, the strategy is a smart one, given TheLonelyIsland’s nearly 240,000 subscribers, but try telling them that.)

I don’t actually plan to watch the awards, but hey, watching Samberg and his famous pals clown around on MTV’s dollar is a fine way to while away approximately nine-and-a-half minutes of video watching. First, we discover the true nature of Andy Samberg’s parentage: Jack Black and Michael Cera…

Then Samberg unleashes some For Your Consideration clips from some alleged nominees, including Pommel: The Bobby Brooks Story, featuring Cuba Gooding Jr., for Best Kiss…

And Knuckle Up, featuring Rashida Jones, for Best Fight.

(Oddly, all of them seem to star Samberg.)

The odd man out is X Marks the Spot, which, thanks to its soundtrack, is vaguely reminiscent of the SNL Digital Short People Getting Punched Right Before Eating (albeit on a much smaller scale).

There are several other For Your Consideration videos out now, featuring Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes, Will Arnett, and Bill Hader, and with over a week to go until the awards, there will undoubtedly be more over the ensuing days. The production values are stellar, even if the comedy is uneven, but the overall effect is enough to get me jazzed for the actual ceremony, especially since I’m pretty sure that unlike these videos, MTV will ensure that the funniest bits of the Movie Awards will only be available via their site and so I might as well watch live…Curse you, Samberg! Your evil plan worked after all.