Facebook Video Chat on the Way?


We pointed out this week that Facebook is on the verge of becoming one of the top 10 video sites in the U.S. Now it looks like the site could be getting even more video; AllFacebook writes that notification messages about “videocalls” are just waiting to be unleashed in Facebook’s JavaScript files. It looks like Facebook video chat could be coming soon.

Would you give up Skype (s EBAY) video calls, Gmail (s GOOG) chat or Tokbox if Facebook launched a competing feature? The site certainly has a pretty comprehensive contact list for many of us!


John Conner

I’m looking forward to when Facebook becomes serious with it’s search. I think that is where they will really become a serious platform for everyone.


I do love Skype though and I can’t imagine that facebook will stay relevant for very long due to advances and fickleness of the general population. Not to mention that Google voice (which I am beta testing) is looking very powerful.

Dan H

I am looking forward to FB Video. Live messenger has been spotty at best with their video chat.


Video chat in facebook would be very nice. It is extremely convenient if there is just one source you use to talk to your friends, so that you don’t have to ask for their IM, or their username etc. for every different site you use.


Logical next step. Like your cellphone the address list is becoming very personal and you want to contact certain people over video. Now facebook allows you to create lists of friends in chat and maybe you can have a video selection there. Would be awesome if they had a 3 way video chat.

Neno Brown

facebook need to find a business model before rolling out another cost center,

alice kennett

i would like to have some help setting up my facebook .some how it does not work when i set it up.i just can not get on to my page thanks a lotalicekennett

Ed Harris

I don’t use Skype much any more so I probably would use the Facebook feature. And actually, I only use Facebook to find old college buddies.

The kids think Dad is “cool” for having a Facebook account!

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