Email Tip: Save Time and Stress with One New Folder


Photo credit: malkowitch

Photo credit: malkowitch

I’m a freak about staying organized — and that includes having an email process complete with filters and rules. However, the new messages in my inbox quadrupled as I plunged deeper into the world of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. This was manageable until a few months ago, but what used to be a trickle of only a few emails a day turned into a torrent, flooding my email inbox and drowning more important messages.

The answer? Create a new email folder called “Social Media,” and drop all these emails in there. I created a filter in Gmail (s goog) to send all social networking emails into my new folder.

Now, instead of cluttering my inbox or screaming at me to take action, these messages sit quietly in a self-contained folder that I check once or twice a day. Another bonus: By the time I get to them, Twitter will have deleted some of the spam accounts, saving me even more time.

Here’s how you to filter emails in Gmail. Most email clients should be able to do something similar: search for the name of the app and “filters” or “rules.”

What tips do you have for managing the email deluge?


Chandra Clarke

Well there is a better option – turn off the incoming emails! You can adjust the settings at these sites so you don’t get email notifications… and if you log into these sites regularly anyway, you don’t need additional emails telling you what’s gone on in your absence.


Thanks so much for posting this. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner – I’ve been using the GMail filter for *other* mail that’s swamping my account, but not for Facebook and Twitter.

Excellent! This will *actually* save me time, unlike all those other productivity tips I see on the intardwebs.

Much appreciated.

Meryl Evans

@Reza, thanks for sharing the add on. I bet a lot of folks will appreciate it. Can’t beat the price.

@Dave, I think a lot of us are finding we’re getting to the point where social networking is a regular part of our careers. Hadn’t come across Just looked at it — sounds like a great service for those wanting more organization and control over social networks.

Dave Gambrill

I couldn’t believe it when I read this post. I just set up a folder with the same exact name in my GMail account last week. I have all of my FriendFeed, Twitter, and Facebook emails go there. I also subscribed to NutShellMail and have those emails go there too.

I like NutshellMail because it shows you new followers and quitters on Twitter as well as a brief overview of Twitter and FB activity.

Reza Tehranian

Thanks Meryl. Great tip.

I’ve been also using Xobni. It’s an add on to Outlook (Basically Inbox backward) It gathers all the emails and contacts in one place.

What I like about it, it also goes to all the social media and get the pictures and other info and displays them right there for you. And when you look for an email, you just type-in the name that you are looking for, and it shows all sort of info and emails that you had with this person. It even shows people who were CC’d on emails.

Its worth trying. It’s free. (To help them out however you have to type-in few words every now and then, which I think is fine.)

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