Report: People Seeing More Types Of Mobile Ads

imageA survey of 1,000 US adults by Brightkite and GfK Technology has found that people are noticing more types of ads on their mobile phones. Thirty-eight percent of US mobile phone owners recall seeing advertising on their cell phones in the first quarter of 2009, although for smartphone users that rises to 59 percent — smartphone users mostly saw web advertising while regular phone users mostly saw SMS ads. For smartphone users, 23 percent recall seeing SMS advertising, but 20 percent saw ads in mobile social networks, 15 percent saw ads in mobile TV/video, and those seeing ads in a location-based network tripled in the quarter to 15 percent. Other results include: 14 of mobile users now use one or more location based services (peaking at 38 percent of iPhone users), 10 percent use a mobile social network (33 percent of iPhone users), and the fastest growing application for iPhone users is games, which experiences a 21 percent growth quarter over quarter; 50 percent of iPhone owners are now playing games on their phone. (release)

Phot Credit: Flickr/myuibe


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