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Google Revises Trademark Policy To Allow Brand Names In More Ads

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Google (NSDQ: GOOG) has revised its trademark policy to make it easier for advertisers to include brand names in the text of their ads. Until now, companies could not run ads with a trademarked brand name in the text if they did not own the trademark. Google uses a newspaper analogy to explain the reasoning behind the move: “Imagine opening your Sunday paper and seeing ads from a large supermarket chain that didn’t list actual products for sale; instead, they simply listed the categories of products available – offers like ‘Buy discount cola’ and ‘Snacks on sale.’ The ads wouldn’t be useful since you wouldn’t know what products are actually being offered.”

The policy shift could improve Google’s bottom-line. In a report Friday, BroadpointAmTech Analyst Benjamin Schachter writes that it is likely advertisers will bid more for an ad if they can have a product name in the text. But the move will not please companies already upset that Google lets advertisers buy ads that show up whenever someone searches for the brand of a competitor. Just this week, for instance, a Texas software company filed a class-action lawsuit against Google over that policy, alleging trademark infringement. And Google has already settled similar suits with Geico and American Airlines.

10 Responses to “Google Revises Trademark Policy To Allow Brand Names In More Ads”

  1. Yes, I agree with Mike. It should be a commercial, win-win relationship. The user/visitor is there to get something. You should try to provide what they want and at the same time gain something yourself. Nothing to hide there.

  2. Because it’s a commercial relationship, you don’t need to be timid. Tell them about what’s new and exciting on your blog, tell them about your new products, your new course, your new ebook. They won’t mind. Track their interests by what links they click on. Record their interest in a simple database and send them a follow-up email if they don’t take action. They will probably appreciate the reminder. Say thank you if they do respond.

  3. fabiola75

    It’s a good thing that Google allows brand names int the text of their ads. The keywords that are restricted before can be use now. This would bring a big impact on ecommerce sites and affiliates. Owners of this brand needs to much more monitor their trademarks. arbonne clear advantage

  4. Great news. now I can't use the brand name in my Google Adword Campinas.if you want to sell the vodafone recharge then you don't have right to use the vodafone name in your Google ads.please double check before you start any website.

  5. Finally! This is the best move ever from the AdWords team.
    Great amounts of money to be made from this to both Google and advertisers! Only trademark owners are not so happy with it.

  6. I think that this is a good move. Most of the time when Google makes an update to its terms of service, its more restrictive, so it's good to see an update that actually allows the users more rights. In this case, I think brand name usage can result in more relavent ads for end users.