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Fox News Web Traffic Surges; But Will Advertisers Sign Up For A 9-5 Daily Webcast? has gone from a small trickle of web traffic to a considerable surge last month, as Nielsen Online points to a near-50 percent rise in April uniques to 15.7 million from the 10.5 million the year before. And as Mediaweek reports, the cable news site has also recorded an overall increase in’s stickiness, with pageviews gaining 75 percent last month, and going from 382 million last year to 669 million this year.

Those are the kinds of numbers that are leading FoxNews execs to make a bigger bet online video in general and on its live, eight-hour video webcast The Strategy Room. The online-only talkfest will get a major overhaul this July, with a particularly ad-friendly bent. The thought of offering a daylong webcast that’s otherwise similar to what’s offered on TV, as opposed to computer screens, has a number of media buyers I spoke to intrigued. But somewhat dubious about shifting a great deal of spending. I spoke to Jeremy Steinberg, VP, Digital Sales & Business Development for the cable news channel, about how he plans to convince advertisers that daytime online viewers are just as valuable as their TV watching counterparts. More after the jump

Live, from 9-5: Among the coming changes, Strategy Room will be moving away from its pop-up video mode to an embedded style. Fox News is also working on dynamic ad insertions. But even though YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) and Hulu have been pushing more long form video, the live, 9AM to 5PM streaming newscast will still bear more resemblance to TV from an advertiser standpoint, Steinberg said. There will be three breaks per hour and the programs will not be like It

4 Responses to “Fox News Web Traffic Surges; But Will Advertisers Sign Up For A 9-5 Daily Webcast?”

  1. Is this the Cablevision Fox News that spews right wing hate? That engenders hatred towards other races, not their own?

    Hard to believe.

  2. Schuyler Brown

    I've long been impressed with Mike Straka's savvy and openness to incubating innovative ad models. Glad to see the approach is finally starting to pay dividends.