Sony Loses Money for First Time in 14 Years


sony logoGadget maker Sony (s sne) has reported its first annual loss in 14 years, according to The New York Times. Sony has been hard hit by the economic slowdown, and it is looking at factory closures to stop the bleeding. Notebook shipments were down 26 percent in the first quarter of this year, and that can’t help the Japanese giant, even with the introduction of the sexy VAIO P.

I guess the Walkman X-Series is coming along at the right moment, and perhaps Sony can start shipping this new audio player in quantities big enough to generate some good numbers. You gadget lovers out there should run out and buy something from Sony right away — it needs your help.  :)



i went to the sheffield sony centre yesterday and the staff told me they hadnt sold a thing in the past 2 days, this is after i impulse bought the vaio p and the 16gb x series walkman, yes it launched yesterday in uk sony centres!


Already did last month – got myself a pair of Sony’s latest XB700 cans. :) Money well spent!

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