No Download, Simple Setup Presentations

web-presentations made simple, a service of drop.ioWe’ve raved about real-time free file-sharing service before. The company just unveiled a new free, no-download web presentation system called

The key to is simplicity. First you make a “drop,” which is’s term for storage space, and add any required media in two clicks.  You get a unique URL for your drop to share it with your participants. Then you activate a presentation, and everyone viewing your drop will be able to access your presentation.

Everything the admin of the presentation does is seen in real time by the participants. Open a picture, video or a document, everyone sees it. Participants can also see your cursor as you click through options. Like any web conferencing presentation software, participants cannot click on and affect your presentation, since it is not a collaborative space. works well with document presentation, and you can open the document into full-screen mode for more detailed viewing. Audio and video presentations work in the same way. You can also open up a chat window at any time for real-time text chat. Or use in conjunction with a free voice conferencing system to have a free, fast and easy web conferencing system at your fingertips.

While can’t compete with the more robust paid web presentation systems out there like WebEx and Adobe Connect Pro, if you are looking for instant, free presentations that require zero software download and no complicated setup, this could be the solution for you.

What are you using — and spending– on your web conferencing systems?


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