Google Slow, Twitterati Hysterical

UPDATED: Google appears to be having problems across its Gmail, search and even its Blogger platforms, judging by complaints on various social networks. A Google spokesman said, “We’re aware some users are having trouble accessing some Google services. We’re looking into it, and we’ll update everyone soon.” Update: “The issue affecting some Google services has been resolved. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we’ll share more details soon.” Update #3: Google says the slowdowns and outages today were caused by a mistake that meant some of its traffic was routing through Asia, causing service interruptions and delays.Google explains it very generally on its blog, and says about 14 percent of its users were affected.

A Twitter search under the #googlefail hashtag shows that users around the world seem to be affected. Here at GigaOM our Gmail works, but folks at AlertSite, a web site performance monitoring firm, has reported some server timeouts.  In the rush to figure out the cause of the problem, we see AT&T (s t) getting the blame, and have contacted the company to get its response. We’ll update as we find out more information. Update #2 AT&T says it’s not them.  A spokesman said, “After receiving speculative reports in the media that Google experienced an outage related to the AT&T network, we looked into the matter. We have not identified any specific problems in our network that could have caused the reported outage.”

In the meantime, feel free to revisit our post about the difficulty of ensuring total reliability on the Internet, and ponder your backup communication strategies. The timing is somewhat ironic, as it comes one day after Google signed a large enterprise deal to provide 30,000 seats to Valeo. However, without knowing the cause and actual magnitude of this issue, it’s hard to extract much meaning from it yet.