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Woe Is Imperium: In a best-case scenario, biodiesel maker Imperium Renewables will resume production in the fourth quarter of this year, says founder John Plaza. But “if nothing changes by 2011, there will be re-evaluating across the industry.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

Toyota Plug-Ins to Hit EU Roads: Toyota Motor Europe plans to lease more than 150 experimental plug-in hybrid vehicles to fleet customers across Europe, expanding to more than 500 leases in the EU, Japan and the U.S. by 2010. — Green Car Congress

Startups Race for Solar on the Cheap: Startups Redwood Renewables, Solar Red and Transoptic pitched investors and potential customers at a Clean Tech Open matchmaking event this week, all promising to make solar power more affordable by cutting labor and material costs. — Greentech Media

FERC Digs Into Variable Renewables: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has commissioned a new study to determine how much renewable energy can be reliably integrated into the bulk power system. — Press Release (PDF)

Chu on Nuclear, Fuel-Cell Cars: In a Q+A, DOE chief Steven Chu talks about the future of nuclear power in a post-Yucca Mountain world and why fuel-cell cars have no future. — Technology Review