Twitter Executive Talks About Keeping Tweeters From Leaving

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imageNielsen reported last month that about 60 percent of new Tweeters abandon after a month, about double the flight rate for MySpace and Facebook at the same time in their lifecycle. So what is Twitter is doing about it?

In a short interview with paidContent at EconSM, Kevin Thau, Twitter’s director of mobile business development, wouldn’t comment specifically on the Nielsen report, but did say that Twitter was “looking at the user experience and how we can improve it.” No details, though. “Retention is something you want to focus on,” he said. “Just in general, it’s just about adding value.”

He also said that many Tweeters use PC-based clients or other services to Tweet rather than the Twitter website directly. But a follow-up report from Nielsen actually showed that taking into account those third-party services did not in fact boost Twitter’s retention numbers.

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Scott Milener

The big issue here is that Twitter is messaging overload and bad for engaging in real conversations. This is why Tawk is already stealing users from Twitter, Tawk is better for conversations, which is really the heart of community.

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