@ EconSM: CBS’ Lurie: CBS Would Only Put Content On Hulu On Non-Exclusive Basis

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When asked point blank about being the only network that’s not on Hulu, CBS (NYSE: CBS) Interactive’s CFO Zander Lurie said the problem was the rival site’s need for exclusivity:

“Hulu’s done a great job executing — acquiring compelling content and running ads — but we have a great model that runs on non-exclusive partnerships. There may be a day when you see CBS content on Hulu, but it will have to be on a non-exclusive basis. We like the ability to work with other partners, syndicate and monetize our content as we see fit.”

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Borris Bazelais

I think CBS is on track. Giving exclusivity to one site can be harmful if you trying to reach a wider audience. Hulu does have a good model, they have taken some of the best premium content out there but not everyone is on Hulu. I think that if you are a Major you should look at all the possibilities to give your content exposure. Build Social networks around your brands (TV SHOWS) on different platforms and bring those users back to you (CBS). At the end of the day Hulu said that they do not promote networks on their site but there needs to be a point of user engagement with the creators.

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