Remote Control Your PC With Twitter


tweetmypcSome folks might feel that Twitter has no purpose, but I’m finding new ways to use the social-networking tool on a fairly regular basis. For me, it’s becoming less of a status update service and more of an infrastructure or platform. Here’s a handy tool by way of eHomeUpgrade, called TweetMyPC, to illustrate what I mean. The free software sits quietly on a Windows PC (s MSFT) and awaits your tweeted commands.

In this first version, you can remotely restart, logoff or shutdown your PC simply by tweeting the command. You’ll need to set up a unique Twitter account for each PC you plan to use with TweetMyPC, and that can actually be a little tricky: Twitter doesn’t allow you to use the same e-mail address for different Twitter accounts. The workaround for me was to use my Gmail account of By registering, I got around Twitter’s restriction: To them, it’s a different e-mail address, but to Gmail, it’s essentially the same and will appear in my inbox. ;)

twitter-restartI installed TweetMyPC on my MSI Wind running the Windows 7 Release Candidate, and it works perfectly. I sent a Restart tweet from the Wind’s Twitter account on my MacBook, and the netbook acted on the command in just a few seconds. Commands are case-sensitive, and there are only the three: Shutdown, Logoff, Restart. The developer plans for an update to make your PC a little more social in the future: Your PC will be tweeting screenshots, memory usage info, IP address, and more. Sounds great! If my PC starts telling me what it had for breakfast, though, TweetMyPC is getting uninstalled, pronto.


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This application opens many doors in terms of security. Parents who want to make sure their children are using the computer for homework no longer have to be home to enter the password for their children. Children no longer get any-time access to the PC either.


To me this looks like a security breach just waiting to happen. I’m not sure I’d want my system sitting there with a twitter account just waiting for someone to connect to it and issue commands to it. A shutdown, restart, or logoff don’t sound to bad, until you consider this might be your Windows Media Center system that was shutdown during that critical season finale. Or what would a restart do to your data if say you were in QuickBooks or a long document when someone decided to issue the command.

I’d really want to look at the security aspects of this interface to make sure it wasn’t easily hacked.


Thanks Kevin for bringing this little tidbit to our attention!

I am a Technology Integrator and am always on the lookout for new and cool stuff to make my life or my clients lives easier and this little App falls into the “Too Cool for Words” Category! It may be a little limited now, but an App like this has the potential to grow into something truly useful and indispensable.

It’s little things like this that ensure that this site is always open in one of my tabs in Firefox and I follow BOTH of you on Twitter (as CHSISteve)!

You always keep us up to date on anything that is important in the Tech World and also the cool little apps and add-ons that also make a diifference in the way we work and play with Technology. Great job guys…..keep it up!

Daniel H.

…i can’t see how this is useful, honestly. i guess if you needed to reboot your home PC, you could do it via text message … but how would you know you needed to reboot?


Unless the reason for the need to reboot is that your home PC is so borked that even this little app doesn’t run properly anymore.

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