New “TV Everywhere” Head: Web Access to TV Is Too Confusing

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Yesterday Andrew Heller, a long-time Time Warner (s TWX) exec, was promoted to vice chairman of TBS, aka head of Time Warner’s “TV Everywhere” initiative, which would give authenticated subscribers access to television content online. We’re watching the project closely to see whether it’s about cable defending itself or cable adapting to serve digital consumers.

Heller indicated allegiance to both angles in an interview with Ad Age. He said TV Everywhere’s most important task is to preserve the value of the cable business model for consumers. But Heller also emphasized the consumer experience, if a bit weakly. “It’s important we do this as quickly as we can because there is such disparate treatment of access to commercially produced long-form content as an industry that it’s confusing to the consumer, and that’s unhealthy.”

I wouldn’t say confusion about what’s available where is actually causing anyone all that much pain. But it’s fair to say that a nicely organized (and deep) catalog from TV Everywhere would give web consumption a bump. The appeal of the service will come out in the details (and the price).

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