Google Calendar Gets Gmail Tasks Integration



Google Tasks (s goog), the simple to-do system built into Gmail (previously covered on WebWorkerDaily), has just been integrated into Google Calendar. Tasks with due dates will now show up in the Calendar, and it’s possible to enter tasks directly into it as well.

Go into your Calendar, and you should see a “Tasks” link on the left-hand side of the window. Click it, and you’ll see a new Tasks sidebar spring up on the right, with all your tasks synced from Gmail, and a new “Tasks” calendar will be added to your list of calendars.

This means that tasks with a set due date will now show up in your Calendar in the “All Day” section at the top of the window (as tasks can only have a due date, not a a time).

You can enter tasks with a due date directly into your Calendar by clicking in the “All Day” boxes at the top of the window in “Day” or “Week” views (or on the day in “Month” view) and hitting  the “Task” link in the pop-up window.


After starting out as a simple and somewhat useful addition to Gmail, Tasks is becoming a very handy product in its own right, and while not as capable as full-featured to-do list apps like Things or Remember The Milk, it’s possible to use it in some quite powerful ways (for example, see my previous post on using Tasks as part of a GTD system).

Calendar integration was a no-brainer, as not being able to see Tasks due dates in your Calendar was quite annoying, but further integration with other Google products, like Docs, for example, could make the product even more useful.

Have you tried the new Tasks/Calendar integration? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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I also use Google Sync on my Blackberry and until Google Sync is updated to sync tasks – I cannot use this. Please do it quick!


It’s a start but useless until you can synch tasks with smartphones like the Blackberry. I’d love to use it, but I can’t. The inability to synchronize is a dealbreaker.


interesting but I would love to see things like Tasks which are overdue are also visible and tasks can be categorized into categories and to make multiple tasks list visible.

Harry Che

I tried it but still not working for me. I still like the tool I created myself, The important thing about it is that I can track my goals and only work on tasks that are important to my goals.


On Google Apps, I now see the tasks. I also use Google Sync on blackberry to sync contacts and calendar with RIM apps. Shame that tasks on Google do not sync with tasks on blackberry like the calendar and contacts do.

David Klein

Hmmm don’t see Tasks yet. Probably because I’m using Google Apps. They always lag a few hours behind.

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