Belated Tech Rhymes For Limerick Day

Sure, Limerick Day was actually yesterday. Think of these as either a day late or 364 days early.

There once was a major OS
Whose code was so clearly a mess.
But we just have to cope,
And hope against hope
It’s fixed in the next version, I guess.

There’s a hot social network called Twitter.
On my desktop, “tweets” it does litter.
Truth is most are a bore;
I’m not sure I want more,
But I sort through the mud for the glitter.

We once kept our files on PCs
So working with them was a breeze.
But now they’re in the Cloud,
And we all scream out loud
When an outage brings us to our knees.

I have personal info to sync,
And used all the right settings, I think.
Alas, to my despair
It never gets there;
It’s enough to drive someone to drink.

There’s a hot rumor from overseas.
Geeks just can’t get enough of these.
It wasn’t fact-checked,
But it must be correct
Since it came to us from the Chinese.

In this online age it gets tough,
And some firms’ Terms of Service are rough.
But we’re in such a hurry
We don’t stop to worry
Until Facebook owns all of our stuff.