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“In the context of software, the word Enterprise has now officially come to mean software that sucks. Enterprise Software hit the nadir of suckitude at the launch of Enjoy SAP. This is like the American Dental Association launching Enjoy Root Canal. SAP is certainly an easy target, but let’s face it, ‘Enterprise Software’ is generally a poorly integrated mess. Working with Enterprise Software feels a bit like walking through an industrial landfill or an airport hangar. Nothing is built to human scale.” — Miko Matsumura, chief strategist, Software AG

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The only thing that scales in the Enterprise is suckitude.

Miko Matsumura

Yes, the mental image that popped into my head was from Wall-E… a world that seems very empty and devoid of humanity where everything is built to a monstrous scale and exceedingly unwieldy.

We sometimes come into contact with this kind of feeling when we use a badly designed IVR phone system. It’s then when we realize that the corporation wraps itself in humans in order to pass itself off as human. The corporation itself is not human.

Humanize it!

Om Malik

Interesting…. thought Wall-E has more emotion than some of the “enterprise” tech environment. I bet, you were thinking Terminator ;-)

PS: That was the best paragraph I read today.


As we become more “advanced”, we are becoming less human.

Businesses are racing to make product that are one size fits all.
Even though consumers are craving customized and individualized

I guess it is as simple as [being more human] = [less money].

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