Under Pressure, Craigslist Cuts Erotic Services Ads

imageCraigslist, which has been under pressure from state attorneys general for weeks to cut its “erotic services” ads, finally relented Wednesday, saying it would eliminate the category within seven days and replace it with a new “adult services” category instead. All ads in the new category will be vetted first by Craigslist staffers and it will now cost twice as much to place an ad, according to the Los Angeles Times. The “erotic services” category on Craigslist has been criticized ever since a woman who offered massages on the site was murdered.

A balancing act: Last fall, Craigslist reached a settlement with 40 state AGs and agreed to implement policies designed to curb ads by sex trade workers on the site. Despite the agreement, state AGs had urged Craigslist to put additional restrictions on the site’s “erotic services” listings. Some state officials had also said that Craigslist executives could “be subject to criminal investigation and prosecution” unless they removed the ads.

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But Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster had hesitated at making additional changes. In a blog post just last week, titled “Craigslist and Killers,” he said, “it