Mag Publisher Burda Snaps Up Lycos Europe’s Yahoo Answers Clone

German magazine and digital publisher Hubert Burda Media is buying Lycos iQ, a question-and-answer community site that will be one of the final Lycos Europe assets to be offloaded. Despite failing to innovate to retain its once-mighty search engine status, the portal with the black dog logo had, over the last couple of years, routinely hailed the site – an imitation of Yahoo’s popular Answers counterpart – as one of its best homegrown projects. It currently has 750,000 users, but the UK version has gone off-line.

A separate company from its US counterpart, Lycos Europe was unable to find a buyer last year so in December decided to liquidate instead. In asset-stripping, it’s managed to off-load its Jubii Denmark, United Domains and Shopping businesses, and even struck a deal to rescue Tripod from closure just days before a shutdown deadline. Next in the fire sale before the dog is put to sleep – the Pangora ecommerce network. Burda has extensive online operations under its Burda Digital Ventures wing, but the company, via, says it wants to offer its mag editors’ knowledge to readers through Q&A. No price was disclosed.