Indian Readership Survey R1 2009: Some Highlights

The 2009 Round One of the Indian Readership Survey is out, with mixed trends. Only nine of the top 25 most read publications (including dailies and periodicals) registered a growth in readership. The combined percentage decline in readership, for the 16 publications that registered a drop, was 51.89%. In the elite top 25 club, Marathi daily Pudhari grew the most, at 8.83%, while Saras Salil, a weekly magazine from Delhi Press, dropped the most, at 12.95%. These figures are total readership and all figures are in thousands. Depending on how their publications fared, media houses typically support total readership, or the other metric, average issue readership. Here’s the complete data on the top 25 publications. All comparisons are with Round two of IRS 2008.

Segment-wise Readership

This category measures the universe of readers who reads any publication in a segment. So the universe of readers who read any English daily, grew 0.47% to 3.1 crore. There are no definitive trends across categories, but weeklies in all languages, except Malayalam, registered a drop.
Here’s the full segment-wise readership.

Gainers and Losers

Some of the most read publications also figure in the list that lost the most readers. Dainik Jagran, India’s most read publication, for instance, lost some 1.1 million readers. Telugu daily Vartha lost the most, 1.3 million readers, or 21% of its readership. Vartha has presumably been cannibalized by Saakshi, the new Telugu daily that was launched by chief minister Y.S.R. Reddy’s son Jagan Mohan Reddy. Here’s a list of top 20 gainers and losers. Please note that this is in absolute numbers and not in percentages.

English dailies:

Of the top 24 most read English dailies, only six registered a gain in readership. Mint, HT Media’s business daily, grew the most, posting a 15.67% growth in readership. This, is however, not counting Metro Now, which grew its readership by 103%, but has since been discontinued as a daily by its joint promoters Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd and HT Media Ltd. DNA, which grew 11.37%, comes second. The New Indian Express, lost 14.19% of its readers, followed by The Indian Express, which lost 11.37%. Here’s the complete picture.

English magazines:

Magazines present an alarming picture, with every single magazine in the top 25 registering a drop. Here’s a list of top 25 English magazines and how they fared.