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Zeevex Launches Cross-Game Virtual Currency

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zeev_blimpThere’s a new entrant in the rapidly growing market for retail cards and virtual goods for online games today: the Zeevex Virtual Currency Exchange. The coin of the realm is Zeev Tokens, which can be purchased via retail cards sold at thousands of brick-and-mortar stores, redeemed and stored online, where it can be used to buy virtual goods from participating partners’ games.

There are several such card services out there already, but the fairly unique hook here is that gamers can exchange these tokens with each other, on the Zeevex web site and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This opens up the possibility of Zeev currency being used not just to purchase game content, but to barter for real-world items.

“The biggest traction is going to be collectible items” like comics and sports cards, predicted Zeevex Chief Marketing Officer Dean Gebert. The Atlanta/Palo Alto-based company has a seed-round valuation of seven figures, he added, and their retail distribution partner is InComm. Sounds like a great idea, if Zeevex can also partner with some popular games. Gebert tells me they plan to announce seven of those in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Zeevex Launches Cross-Game Virtual Currency”

  1. Ken, actually I agree… the virtual currency itself is kinda boring. The cool part however, is that we can help companies (games, newspapers, record labels, etc) with microtransactions for virtual items (games, strategy guides, mp3s, etc). Our Digital Locker and Developer Toolkits (available this fall) are pretty cool concepts too, but customers like you will be our final judge.

    Mike, you have my word that Zeevex will not try to put an RFID chip (or any other chip, for that matter) into your brain. We do have a beast, though… we call him the Zevra. (grin)


    Dean Gebert
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Zeevex :: Open Virtual Currency

  2. No, I’m not worried in the slightest about “virtual currencies,” what I am worried about, however, is the Governments’ ominous plan to insert a virtual currency “RFID” chip into the right-hand or forehead of people and use this as the sole way to buy and sell goods in the future. This is what’s referred to in the Bible as the “Mark of the Beast” and it subjects the human beings to eternal damnation and an indescribable amount to pain. It’s coming…it is already being tested and used on on animals, the elderly, certain criminals, and now even a prominent Mexican official had it implanted. It is the wave of the future, and a considerable amount of resources and being devoted to its technology. It is quite alarming, when you read what the Bible has to say about what happens to people when they receive this Mark of the Beast. You thought you’ve felt pain before, you can’t even begin to imagine the excruciating pain that will be cast upon the receivers of the RFID chip implant/mark of the beast!

  3. Lame. This sort of business model relies 100% on the network effect of people actually WANTING the currency. So pointless. It’s the cart before the horse. How about this? Why not figure out a system where the thing people want most (the real currency) can be easily exchanged FROM the virtual currency. I want to go buy myself something from Amazon, not a used game from whoknowswho living in Pacoima. That or give me no choice and make it the ONLY currency tradeable for a game…but then I’ll resent the hell out of you and just go to and bypass the whole system.