WeFi Offers 21 Million Hotspots For Your Google Phone



Of course your Android (s GOOG) handset has integrated 3G, but it also has a Wi-Fi radio. That comes in handy when you’re not in a 3G coverage area or you find yourself in one with a spotty signal. Locating a hotspot becomes the challenge in a case like that. Enter WeFi for Android, a free application that was previously only available for Windows Mobile (s MSFT) and Symbian S60 handhelds, as well as Windows and Mac (s AAPL) computers.

WeFi simplifies the process of finding hotspots by checking a user-generated database of known Wi-Fi locations.With over 21 million Wi-Fi networks already detected, there’s bound to be one near you. And if you find a hotspot that WeFi doesn’t know about, you can submit it to the database. WeFi will show both public and private hotspots, but of course, you’ll need the proper key to use a private network.

There’s a social aspect involved here as well: WeFi will tell you if any of your friends are using WeFi on a nearby network. The software also includes a configuration tool to save battery life by efficiently managing the power of your device’s Wi-Fi radio.

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