Time Master: Above and Beyond Time Tracking


Some of you may recall my article a few weeks back, Time Tracking Via the iPhone: 5 Apps Reviewed. In recent weeks, I have continued to experiment with a few different time tracking apps. That was until I came across Time Master, one of the most powerful time trackers I’ve ever used. At $9.99, Time Master (iTunes link) isn’t cheap, but they say you have to spend money to make money, and I believe Time Master will help with just that.

Time Master puts tracking invoices, billing and time all in the palm of your hand. I was impressed with the intricate organizational capabilities of this app. Putting all entries logged under a client and/or project results in a well-organized work-flow. This app continued to surprise me with its rich feature set. I found many small features that aren’t all that important, but definitely contribute to the overall user experience of the app.


The user interface can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you become accustomed to it, it is one of the app’s most impressive features. All of your entries are filed under a client, then under a project. Each category has a number of customization options, such as varying price points for individual projects, or varying price points per individual client.


One of the huge problems I run into when dealing with clients is expenditures, as the client isn’t always sure where his or her money is going. Time Master has a feature specifically for keeping track of expenses in much the same way as it keeps track of your time. I was astounded at how easy it was to generate a report that can then be emailed directly to your clients or copied into Excel or Numbers.


Time Master is a powerful iPhone application that gives me very little cause for complaint. The app does have some downfalls, though. One being that it is slightly unintuitive at first, so reading the instructions would be a safe bet. The second failing would be the lack of a “begin timer” button on the Time Entries page, as it isn’t initially clear how to begin the timers. These two minor issues aside, I think Time Master is solid, feature-rich, and a great tool for keeping your business in line.