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Organize Your Online Profiles With GizaPage

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GizaPage - LogoIf you’re like me, you’ve got personal web profiles scattered all across the web. Each time I register with a new service, another one is created, and each is a glimpse into my online activities.

One of the challenges is that the connections I’ve made through one service have a hard time finding me on the others. GizaPage, a new service launching in beta today, hopes to make that process easier.

When you sign up for GizaPage, you get a customizable URL (for example, mine is which can serve as a dashboard of sorts for all of your online profiles. Currently supporting over 40 services, you pin your accounts together to create a virtual catalog of your online presence. Connections can browse through your tabs to see where else you are active.

GizaPage isn’t an aggregator in the traditional sense. Unlike something like FriendFeed, which pulls your updates from the various sites it supports, GizaPage lets people view your full profile pages in a convenient tabbed environment.

My GizaPage

The tabbed interface is also a convenient way for me as a user to be able to easily access all of the profiles I’ve added from one place.

One of the most compelling features of GizaPage is the built-in privacy controls. You can establish a public profile but then also include, or pin, additional profiles that are only viewable to those that you have connected with. Also, because you are just presenting your publicly available profiles from the various sites you use, there is no need to share your login information with GizaPage.

The process of connecting with friends was a bit odd, though. I was given the option of importing my contacts from Gmail, for example, but it never really told me what it was going to do with that info. I imagine it will show me if any of those folks have a page of their own, but a bit more help and information during the import process would be helpful.

The concept of personal branding is a hot topic right now. A well-populated GizaPage could be a good compliment to Google’s recent Profile enhancements. My GizaPage profile isn’t yet showing up in a Google search, but as the service is adopted by more people, its search ranking will likely improve over time.

Creating a GizaPage is currently free, but expect an option for premium services to be available in the future.

How do you maintain your online personal brand?

6 Responses to “Organize Your Online Profiles With GizaPage”

  1. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    btw, we submitted your gizapage to google and its already showing up as the 7th link in the 1st page of results.