Microsoft Office Tweets Hint of Upcoming Zune Phone


Microsoft (s MSFT) is gaming us — that’s apparent with a peek at some tweets posted on the Office 2010 Twitter account. They keep denying they are working on their own phone and ducking rumors about a Zune phone, but these tweets are obviously designed to get the rumor mill cranking hot and heavy, if they are really from MS:

MS tweet

(via neowin)



OMG. GIven the stunning success that is Windows mobile and the Zune itself, hold off on a proven phone (iPhone, not Pre, which is still vapor ware and uproven) You’ve got to be kidding! This is the best MS can do to generate buzz! A lame leak! Please! I think I wet myself laughing! Can’t type anymore. Stop, Stop!!!! please stop!



If you had read the comments correctly sir. This is a fake Twitter account that was created to gain publicity on websites like this just so that when he had enough people looking, he could start complaining about iPhone piracy.


I hope you guys update the post with a correction, this account is a fake.


That Twitter account has some weird Apple related postings…

“This account was created to get my point on iPhone piracy across to Apple: I hope you are listening APPLE! – Mr. Haklab15 minutes ago from Tweetie”


Random thought here.

Microsoft is release a bunch of new stuff. Windows 7, Office 2010, rumored Zune or ZunePhone.

It would be totally awesome if the Zune (through WiFi access) could act as somewhat of a remote control or buddy device with the new operating system.

For example: Controlling the Play, Pause, Stop, Volume, etc. functions for WMP. Perhaps even customizable controls for the computer. Streaming video and music to the Zune. Even telling the computer to remotely Sleep, Standby, Turn Off, etc. All this would be awesome.

I had the original 30GB Zune. I loved it. I hated it. Either way, I think MS has a chance the make themselves super awesome with the new version of everything going to come out.

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