Microsoft Jumps the Shark, But Gets a Lamborghini Gallardo SE for Only $700


Microsoft has lost its marbles regarding this whole “Apple is expensive” thing, which is clear with their latest “ad.” So far, they’ve only been running this ad online, which makes me wonder if even they know they’ve jumped the shark with this meme.

Their latest shot is a video with “certified financial adviser” Wes Moss. Wes explains that it takes $30K to fill Apple’s latest (120GB) iPod, but only $15 (a month) to fill a similar-sized Zune. Huh? It would appear that Wes is a “financial adviser” in the same way that Giampaulo is “technically savvy” and that Sheila will “cut video.” In other words, they may be these things, but if so, by no means are they good at what they do.

In Wes’ case, as a financial adviser — especially a certified one — I would think one should know what “renting” is. In fact, if your job title has the word “financial” anywhere in it, I would expect at least a reasonable grasp on borrowing vs. owning. Poor Wes, he thinks he got that Lamborghini for only $700, but at the end of his six hours he’ll find out exactly what renting is. For his sake, I hope the police aren’t involved.

Microsoft, this has been tried before. A company that at one time actually had a name in digital downloads tried this pitch. With a Super Bowl ad, no less. It didn’t work. Nobody bought (rented?) it then, and they won’t now.


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