Daily Sprout

Stimulus Funds Blow In for Mass. Turbine Testing: Government officials say Massachusetts will receive $25 million in federal stimulus money for testing wind turbine blades at a new facility scheduled to break ground in September. — Boston Globe

Ener1 Eyes Fuel Cells: Battery maker Ener1 is meeting with Department of Energy officials today as it pursues funding for EnerFuel, a subsidiary working on fuel cell range extenders for plug-in hybrid vehicles. — Green Car Congress

EPA Hedges on Endangerment Finding: EPA chief Lisa Jackson said on a Senate panel today that the EPA’s finding that carbon dioxide emissions are a public health threat “does not mean regulation,” possibly taking some of the force out of the finding as a big stick to wave at Congress as it negotiates climate legislation. — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Fragile Growth Prospects for Solar: Solar cell makers Q-Cells and Solon posted bigger than expected losses today for the first quarter of this year and said they expect worsening financing conditions for photovoltaic systems. — Reuters

Ticking Clock for Energy Bill: Speculation is running rampant as Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee prepare to hash out final details of the energy and climate bill tonight. It’s supposed to be unveiled tomorrow, with debate following on Thursday. — Grist