Could Android Save Motorola?


g1v22 Motorola -– not HTC — is being tapped by carrier T-Mobile to produce an updated version of the G1, according to the Boy Genius Report. In a leaked product photo obtained by the BGR site (pictured), the G1 v2 — unlike the HTC-made G1 — sports easily recognizable Motorola styling.

Being picked by T-Mobile would be just what Motorola needs to finally get back in the game; it’s seen its wireless market share tumble to 6 percent from 18 percent a couple years ago and its revenue fall 45 percent to $1.8 billion in the latest quarterly period. Such a win could also provide a welcome diversion from the drumbeat over its legal skirmish with former CFO Paul Liska.

And adoption of Android (s goog) is expected to rise 900 percent in 2009, according to a report out today from telecom analysts at Strategy Analytics, far outstripping the 79 percent gain for the iPhone. T-Mobile USA CTO Cole Brodman, meanwhile, in an interview with Om ranked Android alongside the BlackBerry as one of “two significant partnership bets” the carrier will make.

Motorola is still trying to revisit the short-lived glory days brought on by its RAZR line of handsets. To that end, in 2008, it cut loose its handset unit altogether. Shifting to Android will be a tricky balancing act, or as Om put it, akin to “climbing Mount Everest without an oxygen tank.”

But if they can pull it off, it will take them to the top.


Mobile guy

Simple answer: NO

Are you kidding me? The fact that they will launch Android handsets into a crowded 2H2009/1H2010 window means absolutely nothing, in terms of financial impact to the company.

You need to do more in depth work here – this is the type of shallow analysis I would hear at a boring dinner party.


@Mobile guy

We just need some positive momentum from Motorola, as well as some competition in the Android biz. First things first.


I am still waiting for cooler Android devices. I am bit disappointed that i takes so long to manufactures to make the switch. They are pretty much 2 years behind Apple. Just give me smaller cell phone with Android and wi-fi and I’d love it. I like HTC Touch etc as hardware, but the Windows Mobile sucks.

Would be great if HTC for example offers multiple OS versions while you buy cell phone. This way you can choose.

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