Build Your Own Verizon iPhone This Sunday

CIMG1500Are you one of those poor souls who kind of want an iPhone (s aapl), but just can’t bear the thought of the AT&T (s T) network? If so, I’m thinking that if you combine an iPod Touch with the upcoming Verizon MiFi modem, add a VoIP client and a microphone, then you can make a bastardized iPhone that runs on the Verizon network. It’s not an ideal solution by any means, since you have to carry two devices, you can’t surf the web while waiting for your calls and the battery life of your connection and phone will suffer, but it would be fun.

After reading the jkOnTheRun review of Verizon’s credit card-sized MiFi modem,  which connects to Verizon’s (s VZ) 3G network to act as a Wi-Fi router for up to five devices, my first thought was that I could carry that puppy around and use it to power my iPod Touch. The data plan for the modem costs $60 a month for a 5 GB plan, and the modem would cost me $100 subsidized. I already have my Touch (and a Verizon data plan), so all I need to do is download Skype for the iPhone (or TruPhone), add a $29 microphone, and start making calls. James at jkOTR says battery life for the MiFi is about four hours, which gives me four hours of true mobility with my Touch. Would this replace my BlackBerry? No, but after the MiFi hits Verizon stores this Sunday, I’m picking one up so I can set my iPod Touch free to roam outside of my home and a few select WiFi-enabled locations around town.

image courtesy of James Kendricks