Video: Microsoft’s New-Old Pitch On Zune: We’re Cheaper


imageA new Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) ad notes that it costs $14.99 a month to subscribe to the Zune’s unlimited music subscription service — but $30,000 to fill a 120 gigabyte iPod with songs. Not quite a fair comparison since Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) doesn’t have a subscription service, but that’s the point. The company is trying to position itself as the best option for thrift-conscious consumers. It’s back to the future for Microsoft, which has also cast the PC as a less-expensive alternative to Macs in a series of TV commercials.

It’s worth mentioning that the Zune ad makes no mention of the music player itself, yet another sign that Microsoft is increasingly emphasizing the services associated with the device, such as ZunePass and the Zune Marketplace, rather than the device itself.

The new ad, after the jump.


member of marching 100

i had a zune an will be gettin the new one cus someone stole my old one
hey, this one looks nice….maybe i'll get this one

max franklin

welcome to h3ll. here is your zune
welcome to heaven. here is your ipod.
by the way, whats a zune??

see ya real zune at the apple store

Casey Goodner

Everybody calm down. I have 2 Mac computers and many Apple products but I also have a Zune. If you don't like it, don't buy it. You people act like the Zune stole your kitten. It's just a different product, maybe not as good as the IPod but they didn't pee in your cereal. Geez

Thanks to the first gentlemen, or chick, that commented on my stuff. I know it may come to a suprise, but I'm not an apple fan boy. In fact, I download music 'illegally,' I know, living on the edge right? Because I won't waste my money on a song or an album. That's what is insane.

By the way, before bashing someone who spews crap, in this case running a site that does nothing that bash others? Maybe we should sign you up, you've got a little fire in you. We don't intend on bashing anyone at my site, and as a last side note, speak for what most people can't/won't say about topics.

So, enjoy your Zune, and when they discontinue the service in a year and a half, I hope to see you in the Apple Store. sucks IS A

The MS subscription service while a neat theory, is in actuality a rotten, bug filled pile of shit. Lousy song selection, licenses that expire without notification, constant access and sync errors. The list goes on. And yes, I have tried the service. sucks!

Hey there NoTime, way to advertise your lame ass site while showing your Apple-love! Even tried a Zune or ZunePass service? Sorry, but even tho both the device and service do have issues of their own, they're both superior to my old 60GB iPod and the suck that is iTunes. It is lacking that "cool" fruity logo you like so much tho :)

Sorry, but I go into bashing mode when I see someone who spews crap, and in this case also runs a site that does nothing but bash others. Get a life

Almost propanda, that it would cost 30k to fill an iPod. I guess they think we're all idiots, and whatever we see must be true. I'm looking forward to Apple's response, which no doubt will make Microsoft look like idiots. –

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